Labour-Adoptions and Budget

OUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS- Rescue over 350 cats (51 have passed on, 100 have been adopted and 199 are with us at present) and 10 dogs (all placed). Increase awareness and confidence in spay and neuter procedures. Offer the “sterilization express” where we transport people’s cats (and small dogs) in our car, to the free clinics where ever they go in our area. We’ve had up to sixteen patients at one time. Our hope is to set up a facility for doctor’s so they operate right here at the refuge. A room with a surgical table and instruments is in the plans.

LABOUR- Because of our strict budget we must do most of the cleaning and care giving ourselves. I’m cleaning staff, gardener, nurse, ambulance driver, shopper, public relations and fundraiser, all of which keeps me very busy and tired. Marianne (mom) who is 83 years old has to do the work of a 40-50 year old so that we can keep the place clean and the animals cared for. Besides all the cleaning the kitties need love and attention; imagine trying to pet and hug 199 kitties everyday!

ADOPTIONS- Our adoption program is very important as we aim to find homes for the cats and to keep the refuge population down. From 2009 to the present we were able to place 100 cats in adoption; even so we still have over 199 little orphans with us. Obviously until spaying and neutering become more wide spread we will continue to have animals dropped off at the refuge regularly although we are not able to accept more at his time

BUDGET- We are in great need of help just as many centers are. Imagine trying to care for over 199 cats and two dogs on a senior’s basic income. It’s just not possible! Dry food, canned food, kitten food and milk, cleaning supplies, medicine and vet visits, transport to and from vet, spay clinics and adoption days, water, electricity, etc. Therefore we are very dependant on the donations of kind hearted people to move forward with the project. Some helpful people have donated unused building supplies which were used to upgrade the semi roofed area and recently built shelter house. Some doors and windows were also donated for the house. All these things help to move forward.



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