Myths and Realities:

Myths and Realities:
-The cat's hair causes disease

"Cats are good at catching mice."

"Pregnant women can not have a cat

-A cat and her children can procreate 1/2 million kittens in 7 years

-The cats are dirty

"You do not have to sterilize a male.



* Any foreign particles that enter the lungs can cause infection. Cat hairs are dangerous for people who are allergic or have severe asthma. Brushing your cat helps reduce loose hair

* Cats are usually good hunters, they hunt everything.

* Pregnant women should not handle cat feces without at least wearing gloves and face masks and then washing hands. Stool may contain toxoplasmosis; Better take the cat to the doctor to eliminate a possible infection at a time and thus avoid worries.

* Each cat can have 1 to 8 kittens (3 or 4 average) 2 or 3 times a year. Just do the math!

* A cat trained to use his sandbox does not do it elsewhere. Keep the sandbox clean.

* A sterilized cat does not stink urine, does not seek lawsuits, is healthier and calmer and does not support overpopulation of cats!





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